Platinum Best Managed Company Award


For the 7th consecutive year Elka Pieterman has been declared Best Managed Company by Deloitte. With this we may call ourselves one of the few Platinum members.

Background: making companies better than they already were, that is the purpose of the Best Managed Companies competition. Every year Deloitte is looking for the Best Managed Companies in the Dutch small and large business. Therefore Deloitte assesses companies on the basis of the Business Maturity Model which has been developed together with the University of Utrecht. This model examines all important organizational dimensions, both internally and externally.

The BMC program was organized this year for the ninth time. This year there was extra considering for the digital future proofness with the theme: Connect the dots

Mr. van Eersel, Managing Director of Menz & Könecke explains: "this is a 'hot topic', because our world is becoming more digital. Think about Artificial Intelligence in which smart features think for us and become our digital assistant (eg. Apple's Siri). Everything in our living environment is getting 'smart' and 'connected', and with Virtual- and Augmented Reality (eg. PokemonGO) worlds increasingly merge."

"Through all these digital developments, personal attention is scarcer and more valuable. To better meet the requirements of our customers, we increasingly work with multidisciplinary teams within Elka Pieterman. This new way of working ensures that we can better and more quickly respond to customer needs. In the past year we have therefore been investing more in omni-channel, in other words linking clicks and bricks. There is an online team that together with our customers is looking for an optimal presentation of accessories online. In addition, our IT specialists take care of a secure data exchange via specially designed feeds. All this in order to easily share our knowledge of accessories and parts with our customers."

Mr. van Eersel continues: "Our participation in the BMC program gives focus and triggers interesting conversations. Deloitte not only asks about the present situation, but also about the desired. This leads to useful discussions and forms a clear vision of the future for us."

"Because we have been participating in the program for years now, it shows that we are scoring better on the various pillars of the Business Maturity Model. We are well balanced and operate on average at a higher level. But the work is never done! There is always room to improve and learn. That is our focus in this rapidly changing digital world!"

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