Proud of the 6th BMC award in a row

December 2015

For the 6th time in a row awarded Best Managed Company

Deloitte and ING have again proclaimed the Elka Pieterman Group as Best Managed Company. For the 8th time in a row the BMC program was supervised by Deloitte, which was supported for the second year by ING.

This past years' theme was: How flexible is your business model?

A very topical issue, because the world around us requires us to have adaptive power and to think flexible. The Elka Pieterman Group scores well on these subjects according to both parties.

Adrie van Eersel, managing director of Menz & Könecke GmbH explains: "We are very proud that we can call ourselves Best Managed Company for the 6th consecutive time. Thanks to the continuous feedback we get by participating in the BMC program, we can develop more every time. Participating gives us valuable tools for the future. In addition, it motivates us to step up every year and to focus on how we can do even more for our customers".

"We will face the coming years with confidence. We will remain fully focused on the future, where it is increasingly important to work together with our customers and suppliers; to develop appropriate products and services in co-creation. For ourselves, we will set the bar high by quickly being able to switch and to take new initiatives continuously. Today, this is a must to stay at the top of your game! And of course, in all this, personal contact remains crucial to us." concludes Adrie van Eersel.

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